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Went and caught a little bit of Hermes last night. Didn't shoot a lot, just takin it in...but did go and do some test shots from a new “perch” to shoot from for Bacchus when it reaches downtown, real pleased with the possibilities.....But first tonight perhaps a little of Endymion, then off to Tipitinas where I'll be shooting Stanton Moore and Galactic for a spread in a cool Japanese Drum Magazine, look forward to that show too!! Enjoy the pics and Happy Mardi Gras!!! Jerry ;-)
hermes_jm_021712_009hermes_jm_021712_001hermes_jm_021712_002hermes_jm_021712_003hermes_jm_021712_004hermes_jm_021712_005hermes_jm_021712_006hermes_jm_021712_007hermes_jm_021712_008hermes_jm_021712_010Prints on hand Autographed By the Musicians