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6-26-12 These are final layouts, The images are to actual scale, so I cropped the entire areas down so you will be able to get a real good idea of whats ahead....its gonna look fantastic!! I'll have your pricing for everything updated this afternoon or first thing in the am, just waiting on my framer at this point.
6-21-12....Found the Kermit that works for like??...As soon as I get the OK on the office pics I meet with my framer to nail down frame, image and mat size that will fit perfectly for the office layout. (will use frames you saw in my studio for this as they will work best)
As far as the upstairs room, do you want to use a simple flat black wooden frame, or would you like to see some options on some higher grade black frames, I can take pics and send to you if so. It is important for aesthetic reasons that I let him give me the proper mat and frame sizes and adjust image size if needed( to properly fill spaces), as opposed to me giving him an image size and forcing a mat size..... I will wait to get the approval on office so I will be able to do this in one trip to save time.
Will wait for your OK....
Hey Lucien and Monique, as per our conversation monday, I have added the davenport and mayfield, I am still looking for the right image to replace Uncle Lionel in the large room, he definitely belongs over the bar.....will be in touch this afternoon.