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The Lee Boys with special guest 10 yr old guitar phenom Brandon Niederauer at Crescent City Blues and BBQ Festival 2013, Lafayette Square , New Orleans, La. .
On Sunday I headed back over for a few hours primarily to see 10 yr old guitarist phenom Brandon Niederauer who I had seen a few youtube video's of him playin with Troy Turner on Bourbon Street. I talked to Troy Turner before the Brandon went up and slayed it with the Lee Boys playin Hendrix's Voodoo Chile. You see, a long time ago I used to make regular trips(almost weekly up to Baton Rouge to see this 14yr old guitar phenom named Troy Turner who I caught wind of a few months after one of my heroes, Stevie Ray Vaughn, tragically passed away. Those shows renewed my faith that someone would be able to pick up the torch where Stevie left it and bring it to another level......kinda get the same feeling from Brandon Niederauer, who is even younger than Troy was when I first saw his magic. Keep your eyes and ears out for Brandon, cause if the stars line up properly, we will be hearing from this kid for a long long time
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