So normally when I go lookin for some of my pics published in magazines I have to search, look around, flippin and turnin pages......not this time. I covered Jazz Fest this year for Elmore Magazine out of New York, along with writer Melissa Crusoe.....1, 2, 3 BAM there they are...full pages of Little Freddie King and one of Big Chief Monk Boudreaux's young Golden Eagle Indians....write up on next page with a smaller Preservation Hall.........Even though I'd like(LOVE)all of the bands I shoot with and for to be represented like this, it's just not feasible, but I do like the fact that local bands were picked! More good news, you can see all of my Jazz Fest work on my site while reading the review at So go pick yourself up a copy of Elmore Magazine July/August 2012 Issue Jerry ;-)
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