Here are some pics from what was a very special evening last week at the 2012 Best of the Beat Awards. Among many others the event honored this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award winners, legends of New Orleans R&B Clarence “Frogman” Henry, Al “Carnival Time” Johnson, Robert Parker, the Dixie Cups, Frankie Ford, Jean Knight and my good friend Ernie Vincent. It was really amazing to see all of these most deserving real New Orleans legends, most of whom I am lucky enough to know personally and call friends, receive the Lifetime Achievement Awards. Kudos Jan Ramsey and Offbeat Magazine for recognizing these giants of New Orleans R&B while we can still put them all in one room together. If that wasn't enough, the crowd was treated to live performances by most backed by Ernie Vincent and the Top Notes. It was truly priceless to see the performances of Clarence “Frogman” Henry singin “I'm a Lonely Frog”, Al “Carnival Time” Johnson of course singing Carnival Time, Jean Night performing “Mr. Big Stuff”, Robert Parker singin “Barefootin” and the Dixie Cups joined by Jackie Clarkson singin “Goin to the Chapel” and of course Ernie performing his smash hit “Dap Walk”.
Each also performed a couple other songs also and seeing how much fun they were having was amazing. A common message from all of the performers was the highest praise to Ernie and his band for their amazing performances backing all of the legends flawlessly which I took great pleasure in watching and am sure was quite an experience for these guys also. When I took over managing Ernie a few years ago, we put together the Top Notes with some of the best young talent in New Orleans, Eric Heigle on drums, James Martin on Sax, Josh Reppel on bass, Mike Kobrin on Trumpet, Phil Breen on keys and most recently Ian Smith on Trombone and trumpet. I can only imagine what this night was like for them performing with real New Orleans R&B royalty.......Of course I had to make a stop over at BJ's Lounge on the way home to catch my buddy Little Freddie King killin it as always.....what a night that was........Enjoy the pics! Jerry A musical slideshow and more pics can be seen at
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