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The rain held off, the sun shined oppressively hot, and after a little over 2 weeks of second lining almost daily to celebrate his legacy and life, we were able to give Uncle Lionel Batiste the Jazz Funeral he so deserved. Originally scheduled for post Mahalia Jackson ceremonies last Friday, the procession had to wait the weekend to send off Uncle Lionel. Personally I think he had a hand in the deluge on Friday, and Wednesday for that matter, but the buckets of heavenly water seemed to have run dry by Monday, which happened to also be my birthday. There is not a place I would have rather been on this day, perhaps a last gesture from my friend, who knows.....editing this event was almost like being there again, towards the end my eyes well up with tears as they did yesterday, even more so when we arrived at Mt. Olivet to send Unc off to fly away to the “Glory Land”. Once the ceremony was over a light mist fell from the sunny sky but there was no turning back......farewell my friend. Much love till we meet again...jerry ;-) Perhaps tomorrow I will write something else about the day, need to step away for now....Enjoy the Pics, More can be seen at

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