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A few of my Lenny Kravitz fav's from over the years at Voodoo a few years ago and Gulf Aid…….actually remember a show I caught by accident at Tipitinas many years ago, maybe the day after Mardi Gras. I just thought the name was cool, little did I know that was the beginning of the "Let Love Rule" CD Tour, I'll never forget that show….Enjoy the pix….jerry;-)
lenny_kravitz_Nov_01_2009_jm_001lenny_kravitz_Nov_01_2009_jm_002lenny_kravitz_Nov_01_2009_jm_003lenny_kravitz_Nov_01_2009_jm_004lenny_kravitz_Nov_01_2009_jm_005lenny_kravitz_Nov_01_2009_jm_006lenny_kravitz_Nov_01_2009_jm_007Gulf Aid Benefit 5-17-10Gulf Aid Benefit 5-17-10lenny_kravitz_May_16_2010_jm_010