Lately I have been slowly migrating images from past years from my .com site to the .org site which is a monumental and time consuming task, but one that allows me to go back thru the shoots and re- evaluate my choices, and sometimes I find shots that I took that make me smile from ear to ear. There are a few in this gallery from Super Sunday 2010. I remember this day well because about 10 minutes in while chasing pretty indians I took a mis-step and severely sprained my ankle on LaSalle and 1st St., about 5 blocks in and was effectively sidelined, at least temporarily. I hobbled slowly, very slowly for a couple blocks back towards Washington but the pain was too much. I then hopped like a bunny rabbit for 8-10 blocks, and sat down for a bit, pretty pissed off at that point. When I got back up and headed(hobbled) down Washington towards Claiborne to try and catch the procession at Washington and Claiborne. I rememberrunning into my friend and fellow photog Jeffrey Dupuis who magically had extra strength tylenol or somethin in his bag so I gulped a few down. Shortly afterwards we walked, I hobbled at a slightly quicker pace, hopping intermittently, and caught the Indians at Washington and Claiborne and headed into Taylor Park where they ended up at that time. That year was one of the prettiest Super Sunday's in memory, with perfect weather and blue skies with big white fluffy clouds. I remember it well because composing images against the sky was amazing, particularly for the “Young Hunters” whose suits that year perfectly mimicked the sky and clouds. I remember one image that I took in particular in Taylor part which may be one of the “prettiest” I have ever taken, and I had forgotten all about it having tucked it away in an untitled folder. It's will be obvious which one it is in this gallery.......While prepping for yesterday's art market, I was looking for a few new images to print and ran across it by accident. I did print it and wow is all I can say......capturing these special moments illustrating the amazing beauty of our culture is exactly why I do what I do. Photography is my main way of communicating the visual overload I experience on a daily basis. Although a mere image can never ever completely translate the innate beauty of the work the all of the Mardi Gras Indian Gangs, Uptown and Downtown, do on a yearly basis, it's a hell of a lot easier that trying to describe it.......Big props to all of the Mardi Gras Indians, many who I am good friends with, for continually enriching the souls of all Native New Orleanians and amazed visitors from all over the world. Oh, and for the record, I was on crutches for 2 weeks after this but it was worth every last minute of it....Enjoy the pix, Jerry More pics can be seen at ©2005-2012 Jerry Moran Native Orleanian LLC
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