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So after the Threadhead Patry, like that wasn't enough, I headed over to the Musicians for Obama event over at Generations Hall, where the line up was a who's who of New Orleans legends. The bands I was able to see were the Brassaholics, Omari Neville(Cyril's son) and , Walter Wolfman Washington, The Meters with Dr. John on keys, joined by Big Sam and more, and a couple songs by the Royal Southern Brotherhood(minus Zito) before I headed over to One Eyed Jacks to catch the second set of Dragonsmoke. One humorous memory from this show was when the Meters with Mac were playin I had wandered to the side of the stage right behind Mac when I noticed he was playin with only his right hand, with his left searching for a bottle of water that had fallen under his seat, without missing a beat I might add....anyway I crawled under his seat to get the bottle for him and we both kinda grabbed it at the same time, I was kinda layin on my side and looked up between Mac and the keys where we made eye contact, and he's just got this big smile , while still playin with one hand....just a classic moment, perhaps you just had to be there, but one I'll never forget.......enjoy the pics!! Jerry