Here are some pix from my man John Mooney and Alfred “Uganda” Roberts over at Snug Harbor last Thursday. The 10 pm show was somewhat lightly attended due to MUSES and other parades passing on Canal......but as myself, the half dozen or so couples and a couple masked fans of Mooney were there for the guaranteed extreme intimate experience of one of the baddest Blues guitarists on the planet, John Mooney joined by the incomparable Uganda Roberts on percussion......reminded me of the old Madigan's “Church” shows every Sunday........Also met a wonderful Irish couple who wandered in off the street while on a break from a cruise......who effectively hit the “Live Music Lottery” on this evening.......after the show they headed back to the boat with what will surely be a fond musical memory from their brief vignette in New Orleans......Happy Mardi Gras!!! Enjoy the pix!!! More pix and a musical slideshow will be added to
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