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What a busy weekend for music, caught a few great shows last Friday at Tips Uptown with Papa Grows Funks and Glen David Andrews, nice double bill.......what initially caught my attention was Glen playin over at Tips.....don't think I've ever seen him there and I was not disappointed. I also haven't seen Papa Grows Funk at night in a club in a long while, living a few blocks from dba tends to keep be in the hood! I was really impressed with both shows, especially PGF, who kicked off the set with what only can be called an evil version of “Pass It”. Hung around for a few more and then headed down to Blue Nile for Big Chief Monk Boudreaux, pics to come on that show. What I do regret kinda is not staying for the 3rd set, which Glen promised at the end of his set.....I am sure it was memorable having both bands up at one, as Glen said, “This was the battle of the Monday night bands(Glen holds court at dba on Monday's and PGF at the Maple Leaf), were gonna combine forces for set three and melt you like buttah!” I am sure it was incredible.....enjoy the pix!! Jerry ;-)