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Late last December I had the distinct pleasure of joining the Royal Southern Brotherhood, Cyril Neville, Mike Zito, Devon Allman, Yonrico Scott and Charlie Wooten, for a couple days at Dockside Studio to do cd and marketing photo shoots while the final touches were put on the bands soon to be released (May 9th) debut cd. This is a collection of images from that shoot, excluding some of the best, and of course my favorites, which will be used for the cd design and inlay booklet and marketing of the band. As soon as they are released by the label, I'll post on my site. Regardless, I think you get the picture. Don't have much to say about the new cd except get ready for some fiya!! Here's a little info about the band... “Before they even hit a chord, Royal Southern Brotherhood have your attention. In the US South, where music is religion, two rock ‘n’ roll bloodlines tower above all others. In the saloon bars from Mississippi to Maryland, mere mention of the Allman and Neville Brothers casts a magic spell. Conversation falls silent. Pool balls stop rolling. Ten-gallon hats are tipped in respect and beer-bottles raised in salute. These aren’t just bands, they’re gods, and with a lineup comprising both the iconic Cyril Neville and Devon Allman, Royal Southern Brotherhood come pre-loaded with expectations. Don’t worry: They can match them. The family tree might be auspicious, but this new band trades on talent, not genealogy. It’s not about rock history: It’s about the here-and-now. Right now, the buzz is all about Royal Southern Brotherhood’s debut album, bottled with producer Jim Gaines in Louisiana. But let’s rewind to the summer of 2010 and the stifling heat of New Orleans: the city that both hosted the Allmans’ early residence as house band at The Warehouse, and provided the backdrop to the pivotal meeting between Cyril, Devon and Mike Zito. Talk turned to forming a new breed of blues-rock band, and when jams began at a secluded studio in the city’s Garden District, the fizzing chemistry was too strong to deny. Here they are NOW the Royal Southern Brotherhood.” Go to for tour dates, I'll see ya in New York on March 9th!