Yesterday there was a significant increase in the intensity of Uncle Lionel's daily second line.....if Monday was all about the kids, then Tuesday was about the elders. The second line started at Kermit's Bar over on St. Bernard on this day which set the tone.. Led as usual by family and band leader James Andrews, the second line band today was populated by a number of the “heavy hitters” in the thick Brass Band community et al...Tuba Phil, Corey Henry, Kid Merv, and Calvin Johnson just to name a few........theres not a lot to say about it as the images speak for themselves, I did take some vid which I will get to at some point. Also this will probably be the last set I will post for a few days at least as I will be intimately involved in documenting the next several days events..... Enjoy the pics, more and a musical slideshow at Jerry ;-) ©2005-2012 Jerry Moran Native Orleanian LLC
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