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Another mid week Jazz Fest event I had the pleasure of attending, as usual, was the Threadhead Patry, which just happened to take place 3 blocks from my studio. What a great new place to have this annual event, at the Old Ironworks over on Piety. Great people, great music and great can you go wrong here......Got to check out some alex McMurray, (btw one of the baddest guitar players on the planet), GABE George Porter Jr., Anders Osborne, Billy Iuso, Eric Bolivar, Flow Tribe and Irma Thomas to close out. Not like that wasn't enough, Mac showed up to play a few with Irma,(I,m getting chill bumps just typing this.....). I don't remember the song, but a highlight for me was when Mac and Irma played a song that they written together years ago.....with Irma reading lyrics and Mac playing the tune like they wrote it yesterday. I'll be talkin with Irma soon and will ask what the song was.....truly a magical ending to a beautiful day. Enjoy the pics! ©2005-2012 Jerry Moran Native Orleanian LLC