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So yesterday around 5 I was sitting around in my studio and a tweet came across my iphone from the Treme Brass Band, “Second Line in the 6th Ward NOW!”, so I hopped in my car and zig zagged around Esplanade for a few minutes, windows down......around Treme and Esplanade started hearing those all familiar beats......I abandoned the car and took off towards the sounds, and there it was, probably just leaving Kermits Bar on St. Bernard. For the next few hrs we went into the Quarter, up and down streets, stop's at Lafittes, Cathedral, the River and then up St. Peter St.. It was inevitable what happened next, the Second Line marched into Preservation Hall, where a show was going on with paying customers packing the place as usual. Not surprisingly PHB stepped aside and let the Second Line pay tribute to Uncle Lionel Batiste. Words can not do this justice so just enjoy the pics......Afterwards headed up Bourbon St, then back to Tuba Fats Square and the Candlelight Lounge where in an hr, The Treme Brass Band would proceed to pay tribute to Uncle Lionel well into the night, which is a whole different story, I think you have an idea though.....will get to those pics and vid soon, need to rest up a little for Unc's daily Second Line later this afternoon.....Enjoy the pics! Musical Slideshow at ©2005-2012 Jerry Moran Native Orleanian LLC