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6-29-12 Updated the music to Uncle Lionel singing "Back O'Town Blues" from the Treme Brass Band CD "Gimme My Money Back " So when I read that Uncle Lionel would be at d.b.a. last night at the Treme Brass Band's weekly residency, my initial reaction was it was a bad joke having seen him last week and knowing what the situation was......but after thinking about it a smile came to my face along with the thought, “If there is anyone who could pull this off, it would be Uncle Lionel” Just to verify I called him and talked with one of his daughters, and indeed it was true. I am not at my best under these circumstances, but when Uncle Lionel arrived, the Treme Brass Band was on about the third song of the first set, after which trumpet player Kenneth Terry announced Uncle Lionel was in the house and asked him “Whatya wanna hear Uncle Lionel?” to which he replied “Gimme My Money Back”.....this put a big smile on my, and eveyones faces and eased everything a bit, at least for me.... After the first set I was gonna head out but was met by one of Uncle Lionel's daughters, I believe Erica, who I had met last week visiting up in his apt, she asked if I would take a pic of him and his daughters for which I was honored and more than happy to do, which kept me there for another hr or so.(Obviously that's where I was supposed to be....) Last night was a beautiful tribute to the man and his legacy with friends and family by his side, a truly spiritual and rare occurrence. Much Love to Uncle Lionel!