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While in New York last week for a shoot, I actually had a rare “free” day afterwards with nothing less than perfect weather to do a little shooting around the city. One thing I really wanted to do was go by the 911 Memorial, and I suppose it was one of those coincidences that 9/11 was just a few days away. Spent most of the day walking around lower Manhattan area and eventually was able to go to the Memorial. I walked by it a couple times but didn't go in at first due to some conflicting emotions and memories of that day that needed to be sorted out.....I remember it as if it were yesterday, getting ready for work with my better half Alex, who is a flight attendant and was supposed to work that morning. Anyway, after chillin out in Battery Park for a while I headed over.....From this mouth, there are no words to express the experience of the 911 Memorial, but on this most beautiful day, I took a few images that convey, at least visually, my “experience”.......along with some others from that day on my jaunt thru Chinatown towards Katz Deli.............Enjoy the pics....Jerry ;-) More pics can be seen at
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