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Went and caught the Afghan Whigs at Tipitinas in New Orleans last Saturday and was treated to one of the more powerful shows I had seen in a while. I know something was up when I saw the additional amps basically doubling the house set up, which isn't too shabby, along with the set list of 20+ songs filling a page on stage. It's been a long time since I've seen these guys and was really blown away by this performance on many levels, an intense and crafty performance indeed. “Wussy” opened up for the Whigs, was only able to catch the last song which made me kick myself for not getting there earlier for their entire set.......I'll get some more “Wussy” in the future 4sho.....Enjoy the pics....jerry ;-) ©2005-2012 Jerry Moran Native Orleanian LLC More images and a musical slideshow can be seen at at