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Headed over to Pensacola with my friend Brian and crew yesterday to catch my man Anders Osborne at the DeLuna Fest. Hadn't seen Anders in a while so was really lookin forward and was not disappointed, as if I ever am....I heard Anders was not feeling well at all and when we arrived it was even more apparent, hadn't seen him like this in a long time, if ever.....Honestly, most woulda bagged the gig under these conditions, but that was never an option for my gritty friend. I can remember a couple times over the years under similar conditions Anders internalizing the situation and pulling off some of the more amazing shows I have seen from him, somehow flipping the table on negative circumstances, transforming them into fodder to add even more fire to his already venomous performances. From the first chord, it was apparent that this would be the case again, as the band ripped through an hr or so set supported by bassist Carl Dufrene and drummer Eric Bolivar, to the delight of the beach ridden crowd..... Anders is one of those very special artists that even under normal circumstances, goes through a sort of metamorphosis once onstage,literally and figuratively , pouring every ounce of his being into the show while taking the crowd along for the ride. And a good ride it was......Enjoy the pics...jerry ;-) More pics can be seen along with a musical slideshow at ©2005-2012 Jerry Moran Native Orleanian LLC