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A couple weeks ago I was contacted by Alligator Records to go do a quick “emergency” shoot of Anders Osborne for a new CD my man will be coming out with sometime later this year. The catch, Anders was rehearsing with his band for the tour he is presently on over at “Studio 101” and would only be there for a couple hrs with the band, and had only 10-15 minutes afterwards to get some “portrait” type shots. No locations to scout, no lighting set up, kinda a work with whatya got problems here. I mean how often to you get your own personal live Anders show, it was kinda just what the doctor ordered, especially the version of “Trippin in Montana” the band blazed through. Here are a few pics from the jam, et al.......enjoy! Jerry ;-) ©2005-2013 Jerry Moran Native Orleanian LLC More pics and a musical slideshow can be seen at
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