Here are some pics from the Austin based Eric Tessmer Band from last Friday at Le Bon Temps Roule . I met Eric a few years ago at Lafayette Square thru Anders Osborne......who happened to be playin that day. The one or two songs Eric sat in on were enough to get my attention. Eric's style and guitar skills are categorically off the hook, along the lines of SRV(yes, that's what I said)........This was the second gig for the band at Le Bon Temps this year, and at each one I talked with people there who drove 3 and 4 hours just to see these guys(that should tell ya somethin), and as Bob Marley would say, get “Hit” and taken away with Eric's guitar work backed by a more than competent band......Ideally these images would translate what I was seeing and hearing at the show that night, but theres only one way to get the full effect and thats live, so if you see Eric's playing somewhat near ya, don't miss it....can't wait till they swing back thru here again! Enjoy the pics! Jerry ;-) All Rights Reserved ©2005-2014 Jerry Moran Native Orleanian LLC
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