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Earlier this week I once again had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot for Little Freddie King over at the Living Room Recording Studios over on the West Bank. Little Freddie King is in the process of recording a new CD with 12 original tracks. There are two guest guitarists joining Freddie on the recording of the CD, Vasti Jackson(Freddie's Nephew) and Luke Winslow King who is a great admirer of Little Freddie King and is soaking up every minute of workin with Da King. Of course on harp is Bobby Lewis, long time bass player Anthony Anderson has had health issues that have precluded him from going forward with the band. As a result, NC import William Jordan has taken over the bass position. Mark "WIREHEAD" Bingham is at the controls, along with Chris George(owner of the Living Room) engineering. And of course "Wacko" Wade(Freddie's long time drummer) is the producer. This yet to be named CD will be unleashed on the masses later this year or early next year, so lookout world, Little Freddie King's comin your way!! Will add a few more images later today or tomorrow...... Stills and a musical slideshow from the shoot can be viewed at All Rights Reserved ©2005-2014 Jerry Moran Native Orleanian LLC
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