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Yes indeed, Mardi Gras Day is three day's away, and there's some serious sewin goin down around town.......Monk's new suit is coming along nicely as always and right on time. Along with sewin his own suit, Monk and Mary have been sewin all of the Young Golden Eagle Mardi Gras Indian suits too.....suits are all over in various states of completion for the big day. You can see from all of the images I have captured since last summer illustrating why it takes all year for the Mardi Gras Indians to sew the new pretty suits. It all starts with a blank canvas that designs are drawn on, then sew'd to perfection with the most intricate details, truly an amazing process that comes to fruition all over town on Mardi Gras Day! Injuns Here Dey Come!!! Enjoy the pics and education.....I'll visit Monk one more time this weekend before I hit the streets with the Golden Eagle Mardi Gras Indians on Mardi Gras Day!

Was able to spend some time with Big Chief Monk Boudreaux of the Golden Eagle Mardi Gras Indians over the weekend to check out the progress on his new suit for Mardi Gras. Stacks and stacks of the many beautiful patches Monk is known for were all over, some have been sewn onto his suit but there are many more to go. At this stage all of the pieces of the suit, trim and patches are being put together and are amazingly beautiful. One thing I was able to experience when moving some of the almost completed pieces is how freakin HEAVY the suits are, just looking at on Mardi Gras day, you really don't appreciate the sheer weight of the suits. It's really been amazing seeing all of the stages of progress over the past 9 months at least and were not finished yet, as sometime in the next week or so the feathers and crowns will be created, can't wait for that. There's some serious sewin goin on around town for sure as all of the Big Chiefs are getting ready to hit the streets Mardi Gras mornin, truly one of the most amazing sites to see on Mardi Gras Day!
Back in August, I was on the road with the Voice of the Wetlands All-Stars, I snapped a few pics of Big Chief Monk Boudreaux sewing some of the patches for his new suit pretty much from the start, which is the initial sketch on canvas. Fast forward to this week in November, while visiting Monk this week I snapped a couple more of the same patch....a real good example of the detail and time it takes to sew new suits for all of the Mardi Gras Indians.....a true exhibition of the kind of patience and attention to detail foreign to most....and this is just one patch, Monk's suits are covered with 2 to 3 dozen.....I'll keep posting updates to this gallery over time till Mardi Gras Day to illustrate the evolution of Big Chief Monk Boudreaux's pretty pretty suit.......a truly amazing craft indeed.... More images and a musical slideshow can be seen at at Enjoy the pics!! Jerry ©2005-2012 Jerry Moran Native Orleanian LLC