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Back in April of 2010 I was doing a architectural marketing photo shoot for a local master carpenter. Along with all of the macro shots that were taken around the property, I continually found myself admiring the unbelievable original detail work and restoration on all of the trim and molding in the house. After I finished the “job” I headed back to the room where all of these pieces of art were laid out and captured a few images. So when a client contacted me a few weeks ago looking for something unique that had to do with New Orleans architecture, I knew I had exactly what she wanted. One of the services I provide to clients is creating a to scale digital layout showing exactly what the art will look like on the wall prior to and purchase decisions. Needless to say, she was blown away by what I sent for her to look over. Last night, I went and personally hung the art for her and the look on her face when done was priceless. Another satisfied customer, and new friend......©2005-2013 Jerry Moran Native Orleanian LLC More pics and a musical slideshow can be seen at