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WHEW!.......Got an early start and finished the pics from the “Nine Lives” performance at Tulane University's Dixon Hall last week. I got ahold of both soundtracks to listen to while editing, almost like being at the play again! And what a performance it was in front of a packed house throughout. I have had the pleasure of shooting the play several times, one would think it would get old but my eyes still well up during certain parts of the performance......The play never gets old as it continually evolves as does our culture..... I can't say enough about the cast, new and old, and of course the band. I should be able to finish up by tomorrow and will post the rest then. Enjoy the pics....Jerry More pics can be seen along with a musical slideshow to music off of “Nine Lives ” soundtrack can be seen at ©2005-2012 Jerry Moran Native Orleanian LLC