Great show over the weekend at The Publiq House featuring Lightnin Malcolm and my good friend Papa Mali. Both sets were killer with Lightnin Malcolm and “Stud” burnin it up “North Mississippi” style, followed by Papa Mali backed by Carlo Nuccio on drums, Bill Blok on bass, the master Alfred “Uganda” Roberts on congas, sit in' s with Alvin Youngblood Hart and of course Lightnin' Malcolm........Always love catchin both these bands, especially the originality and uniqueness of Papa Mali's performances...........never seen the same show twice and always leave extremely of the more versatile(style wise et al.....) musicians I've seen, who excels to the highest levels whatever style he's playin.......And topped off with hanging out with some old friends Shawn, Logan, and Alan, can't ask for much more......Oh, and I took a few pics too......Enjoy! Jerry ;-) All Rights Reserved ©2005-2014 Jerry Moran Native Orleanian LLC Many more pics and a musical slideshow can be seen at
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