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Not that I had plans to be in town last weekend, actually was supposed to be on the road with Monk, Bo and the Wild Magnolias in NY, DC and somewhere else. But I had started some construction in my studio/gallery earlier in the week that couldn't be left “open ended. No problem here, Satchmo Summer Fest was going on a few blocks away over at the Old U.S. Mint. I actually hadn't been to Satchmo Fest in a few years cause of da HEAT.......but little did I know Marci Shramm, Executive Director at French Quarter Festivals, Inc and Co. had addressed this issue with big beautiful tents in addition to other upgrades for Satchmo Fest which REALLY make a huge difference. I am also convinced that the small super thunderstorm on Saturday, aka air conditioning, that popped up and stayed right across the river as the Treme Brass Band hit the stage at 2:30 was surely Uncle Lionel's doing....;-) So on Friday and Saturday I biked back and forth a few times between my studio and the fest and I am really glad I did, and of course I popped off a few pics here and there. On Friday I was able to catch Allen Toussaint, Meschiya Lake, and a couple others, and Saturday afternoon among others, I got my Treme Brass Band fix, along with Yoshi Toyama and the Dixie Saints and a closing set, for me, with Ellis Marsalis. On top of all that was able to see a bunch of friends I hadn't seen in a while out there which is always cool. I am sure Sunday was a hoot too, planned on going but but was stuck preppin for some sheet rock work at the studio/gallery that dragged on all day. Here are a few pics from Satchmo Fest 2013. Enjoy!!! ©2005-2013 Jerry Moran Native Orleanian LLC More pics and a musical slideshow can be seen at