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Over the years I have heard about and had some magical moments at the Candlelight Lounge, last nights tribute to the legacy of Uncle Lionel Batiste Sr. was one of those nights that words just can't least right now. Immediately upon walking in the door, you were bombarded my the music of the Treme Brass Band and a wall of heat that on any other night may have turned you around, personally, I like it like that......and so did everyone else cause the place was packed all night.......along with a sea of people inn the streets........I once talked with my friend John Mooney about what moments I try to capture thru my photography, I explained that sometimes, we as a crowd get taken away during shows and dropped back off in what seems like 10 minutes, when in reality 2 hours sometimes more went by........John responded, “Yeah Jerry, I call that hitt'n “The Note”, we go there too......Well last night the Treme Brass Band and guests were hitting “The Note” from the time I walked in the Candlelight till I left soaking wet with a big smile on my face a little after 1:00am.......That's never happened before, at least in my experience.....Unc was definitely in da house last night. Musical Slideshow can be seen at ©2005-2012 Jerry Moran Native Orleanian LLC Also I have posted a video from last night on youtube at Treme Brass Band Tribute To Uncle Lionel Batiste at the Candlelight Lounge