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As always the Voice of the Wetlands Allstars closed out the VOW Fest 2013 with a blazing set capped off with Big Chief Monk Boudreaux putting myself and the rest of the fest in a trance to what I believe was “Me Donkey Want Water”.....after all I was in a trance so that may be the wrong song, or not. Got to hang out with Rueben and Nicole to watch the 4th Quarter of the Saints game, well, most of it.....with about a minute and a half left on the clock, I casually made my exit and headed back to the stage for a final dose of Chubby Carrier with Amanda Shaw, if they were gonna lose, I surely didn't need to witness it......Honestly, I think it's better that we lost this week, now we can just run the table and go win the Snow Bowl in NY. Anyway the undefeated season is over rated, look at what happened to the Patsies in the Super Bowl a few years ago when they were “undefeated”........ Other highlights from the set were Stanton Moore and Johnny Vidacovich tag teamin the hard drivin set on the drums, always good to see Mitch Woods on Keys.....But honestly, just see'n a lot of my friends all in one place at one time on a beautiful night on the bayou is the reason I never miss the closing night of the Voice of the Wetlands's priceless........Until next year, already lookin forward to the 2014 Friday Night Guitar Fights....... More pics and a musical slideshow can be seen at
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Added a couple Images from the Royal Southern Brotherhood Saturday night......Here are a few pics(I have many more but theres no way to do them all, just a taste till early next week...) from day 1 the Voice of the Wetlands Festival with Dash Rip Rock joined by Jim Dandy of Black Oak Arkansas.....yes the REAL Jim Dandy!! The evening was consummated with the annual Friday Night Guitar Fights where I heard sounds of guitars en mass that I have never heard come from a stage before, perhaps a “Guitar-gasm............guess that's what happens when theres a 7 person rhythm section......Tommy Malone opened with an off the hook version of “Straight Shot”, then Zito's “Don't Think Cause Your Pretty”, Devon Allman led “No Way Out”, then Tab came on with “Night Train To Nashville”.....there were others by Bill Davis and Papa Mali that escape me, but one things for sure, I had a smile from ear to ear, along with everyone out there, truly an amazing musical “experience”.......great times!! Be sure to get down to the Voice of the Wetlands Festival today and tomorrow for a continuation of this incredible musical line up at ..... Enjoy the pics....Jerry ;-) More pics can be seen at
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