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Last week, The Voice of the Wetlands Allstars, Tab Benoit, Corey Duplechin, Cyril Neville, Johnny Vidacovich, Waylon Thibodeaux, Big Chief Monk Boudreaux and Johnny Sansone converged in Falls Church Va. at the State Theatre to kick off a what seems to be yearly east coast swing. The band hadn't been together as a unit in months, Johnny Sansone and Cyril Neville(Royal Southern Brotherhood) both had come off extensive tours in Europe with their primary gigs and hadn't been home yet, and the rest have been busy here in the states as usual. Under “normal” circumstances one would think it would take a gig or two to get everything synchronized, but there is nothing “normal” about this group. The band ripped into “Bayou Breeze” as if they had been together for years. (Kinda like that best friend you have but see every 3 years, but pick right up where you left off, regardless....) Prior to starting Johnny V was just playing some slinky slow grooves on the drums which had me mesmerized and smiling, and like a whip in sync with Tabs opening guitar licks, slammed me and the rest of the theatre straight into a 2 hr show which ranks up there with the best I've seen from them. From that moment on I knew myself and everyone attending the shows were in for a treat. These guys have so much fun playing together, and it's obvious on stage as each watches the the others in amazement with smiles on their faces throughout, kinda like kids on a playground, their playground. Live music just doesn't get much better than this for sure......and hangin out on the road with friends for a week isn't so bad either. Here are some images from the Falls Church show, I'll post the rest from FTC Theatre, Highline Ballroom, Philly Folk Fest, and Chenago Blues Fest as I have time. Enjoy the pics, and if your lookin to see them live, The Voice of the Wetlands Festival is October 12-14th in Houma La., a trip that would be well worth it....go to for more info on the fest. More images and a musical slideshow can be seen at Jerry ©2005-2012 Jerry Moran Native Orleanian LLC