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Last year in June I was up in New York for a few days to receive a Cousteau Ocean Inspiration Award for my photography work related to the BP Oil Spill. Of course the farther I get from home the closer it is to where I am as none other than Kermit Ruffins was playing at the Highline Ballroom the first night. I remember that night well for a couple reasons, Alex was up there with me and we were able to eat a wonderful steak dinner in the balcony, I had promised, kinda, not to shoot while up there but we all know that's just not reality. The second thing I remember is the lighting at the Highline Ballroom, some of the best I've seen anywhere, what I mean is they laid off the reds and blues and just sprinkled them on occasionally. Talk about a photographers dream this was almost too easy, no timing lights to contend with and basically a free for all to get incredible shots without detail killing reds and blues to swim through. And for the record, if your playing at a club and want the best images taken of you, get with the light guy, if there is one, and tell him to lay off reds and blues, or at least don't park you under them. Enough about that, needless to say I have been looking forward to shooting at the Highline again and was tickled when I saw that the VOW Allstars would be playing there this trip. Another stellar show, maybe the most powerful of the trip.....Enjoy the pics, Philly Folk Fest and Chenago Blues Fest will be posted at the same time maybe tomorrow. More images and a musical slideshow can be seen at Jerry ©2005-2012 Jerry Moran Native Orleanian LLC